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When will applicants be eligible to apply for D&I funding?

Applicants must propose to implement PCORI results that are available at the time of the Letter of Intent (LOI) due date. Specifically, (1) a draft final research report (DFRR) pertaining to the original PCORI research award must have been accepted for entry into the peer-review process by PCORI; or (2) a manuscript reporting the PCORI results being proposed for implementation must have been formally accepted for publication by a peer-reviewed scientific journal before the LOI due date for this PFA.  


Applicants relying on submission of the DFRR to meet the above requirement should be aware that PCORI will administratively withdraw applications submitted before PCORI’s acceptance of the DFRR for entry into the peer-review process. Note that it typically takes six weeks to process, revise, and accept high-quality DFRRs to enter into PCORI’s peer-review process; applicants should plan accordingly. 


Applicants relying on publication of a peer-reviewed manuscript must provide formal documentation of acceptance for publication of the manuscript with the submitted application, or PCORI will administratively withdraw the application. 


Note: Starting Cycle 3 2021, applicants interested in proposing Phased Implementation Projects must (1) have a manuscript reporting the results of the PCORI-funded study being proposed for implementation formally accepted for publication by a peer-reviewed scientific journal before the LOI deadline and (2) discuss their proposal with PCORI’s Dissemination and Implementation Program at least one week prior to the LOI deadline and receive email approval from PCORI before submitting an LOI.  

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