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In Phase II of PCORnet, the PPRNs were required to have two co-PIs—one who represents patients, and one who has primary experience or expertise in clinical research. Would it be okay for the PI who represents patients, to be the Contact-PI for this projec

Yes, as long as the Contact-PI is able to carry out the required PI responsibilities:

  • The PI is responsible for the project’s engagement, scientific, or technical aspects, as well as the project’s peer-review-related activities.
  • The PI assumes responsibility and accountability for research execution, compliance, and organization conduct.
  • The Contact PI is responsible for submitting the application, submitting all progress reports, and serving as PCORI’s programmatic and administrative contact. PCORI will send all communications to the Contact PI, and it is his or her responsibility to share PCORI communications with PI #2.
  • The PI manages day-to-day project operations.
  • The PI acts as the organization’s lead research representative.
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