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How do qualifying expenses on an award get paid?

Unless specified otherwise in the research award contract, recipient institutions must submit invoices no less than every 90-days detailing charges to each approved budget category. Invoices must be supported by a labor detail report reflecting the salary for all personnel charged to the project.


For fixed-price awards, invoices should be submitted based on the milestone and payment schedule found in the contract, with payments typically occurring upon contract execution and when a report is due.


Invoices are paid within 30-days of submission to PCORI via ACH method if the invoice conforms with the contract terms and conditions. Payment may be withheld, or the invoice returned, if the awardee institution fails to provide the detail and support the contract requests, fails to justify an expense questioned by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), or invoices for a milestone that has not been achieved per the milestone and payment schedule in the contract.


Invoices must be submitted through PCORI Online, which can be accessed through https://pcori.force.com/engagement.

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