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What if some projected research costs for my PLACER submission are not covered by PCORI or they exceed the PLACER funding cap?

Research institutions may seek funding from other sources for intervention or other research costs that cannot be covered under a PCORI PLACER award. Such additional funding, however, must be secured by the investigator independently of PCORI before a final PCORI award decision is made. PCORI does not assist individual investigators in identifying and developing potential additional funding sources related to a competitive open PCORI funding opportunity.

If an applicant expects to require funding in addition to the PCORI award to complete the proposed research within PCORI’s funding cap and associated requirements, such support does not need to be in place at the time of LOI or application submission. However, the need for additional funding must be identified in the application and be in place before PCORI finalizes the award. A potential applicant’s pursuit of additional outside funding is the sole responsibility of the applicant. If a proposed research project requiring additional funding has successfully proceeded through PCORI’s selection processes, before finalization of the award, PCORI will discuss with the applicant the specifics and status of their efforts to obtain additional funding.

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