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With regard to stakeholder engagement, what qualifies as "experienced" leadership in stakeholder engagement? Can you give examples of individuals whose experience made them well-suited vs not well-suited for this role?

Experienced leadership in stakeholder engagement could be demonstrated by previously leading or managing engagement within a PCORI Research Award or leadership within a PCORI Engagement Award. Individuals or organizations with experience identifying stakeholder partners, preparing stakeholders and research study staff to engage, structuring meetings and alternative methods for soliciting input, driving the uptake of stakeholder feedback, and monitoring engagement would be strong additions to PLACER study team leadership. Individuals or entities that have a history working within a specific community and are considered trusted brokers and conveners of key stakeholders offer certain advantages, as could individuals or entities that have more general knowledge coupled with extensive experience in managing stakeholder engagement. Additional qualifications include skills in negotiation across a diverse set of working relationships, translation of the ideas and values of stakeholder groups, and project management. 

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