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I am an early career researcher. Am I eligible to apply?

In general, PCORI expects applicants to assemble a research team that is well-qualified and suited to complete the work proposed. Applications must demonstrate that the study team’s experience, leadership approach, governance, and organizational structure are appropriate for the project and will aid in achieving the project goals. The PLACER PFA is one of PCORI’s largest funding opportunities and intended to support large and complex multi-site trials that prove to be demanding and present some degree of risk to achieve their study aims. PCORI’s funding decisions support research where the PI and leadership team have an aggregate level of expertise and experience that is commensurate with the scope and complexity of the proposed research. We encourage you to review the PLACER funding announcement, submission instructions, and eligibility information posted to PCORI’s website, and to discuss the advisability of your research proposal with your sponsored research office, and others at your institution. 

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