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Should my study align with PCORI’s National Priority Areas for Health?

This funding opportunity seeks applications addressing three of PCORI’s National Priorities for Health. To be considered responsive, applications must proposed research meeting the distinctive requirements of this PFA addressing at least one of the following National Priorities for Health: 

  • Increase Evidence for Existing Interventions and Emerging Innovations in Health  
    • Goal: Strengthen and expand ongoing comparative clinical effectiveness research focused on both existing interventions and emerging innovations to improve healthcare practice, health outcomes, and health equity.  
  • Accelerate Progress Toward an Integrated Learning Health System  
    • Goal: Foster actionable, timely, place-based, and transformative improvements in patient-centered experiences, care provision, and ultimately improved health outcomes through collaborative, multisectoral research to support a health system that understands and serves the needs and preferences of individuals.  
  • Achieve Health Equity  
    • Goal: Expand stakeholder engagement, research, and dissemination approaches that lead to continued progress toward achieving health equity in the United States.  

Applicants will be asked to select one of the three National Priorities above as primary, and if relevant, a secondary and/or tertiary National Priority in their Letters of Intent (LOIs) and, if invited, full application. 

For questions about the suitability of specific research topics, please direct inquires to sciencequestions@pcori.org 

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