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What are the eligibility criteria for each supplement?

Only current PCORI-funded awardees with active research contracts are eligible to submit a request in response to this opportunity.  

Eligibility criteria for the Patient-Centered Economic Outcomes Supplement:

  • Awarded contracts that were funded under PCORI Funding Announcements (PFAs) issued in Cycle 1 2019 or later 
  • Projects must have submitted at least one Interim Progress Report (IPR) by June 1, 2023, and have the Final Progress Report (FPR) due on October 1, 2024, or later. 
  • The current comparative clinical effectiveness research (CER) project must be a multi-site study. 
  • Project is deemed by PCORI staff to be in good standing. Metrics for assessment include: 
      • On-time completion of project milestones to date 
      • Cumulative enrollment progress (if the project includes prospective enrollment of participants and is anticipated to have started enrollment by the Supplement application receipt date) 
  • Project has not received a cumulative extension of greater than 18 months to the original executed contract’s research period of performance end date (i.e., the Final Progress Report due date) 
  • PLACER awards currently in the Feasibility Phase are not eligible.  
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